Friday, September 30

BIG improvements

Plans we do have in abundance.

(right now, it just looks like the ghost of our front porch)

One thing I've really enjoyed about home ownership so far is the prioritizing of projects.  It's fun to think along the lines of a) where do we get the most bang for our buck b) where would we see cost savings down the road c) what sounds like fun to try!

On the short and long list (they swap places regularly, so I'm lumping them all together):
goats, chickens, dog, cats
front porch/curb appeal make over (though no one can see the house front from the road)
moving back hedge to side yard
planting evergreens in front of the front hedge
master bedroom closet organizer
planting a small orchard
raised vegetable beds
living room curtains
fencing/coop for animals
updating inside areas
painted scoreboard in boys room
add built in kitchen benches and a few cabinets
remodel large bathroom
master bedroom or large family room addition
book cases
swimming pool

Well...a family can dream, can't they!

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