Thursday, February 21

all fall down

This one I had on FB a while ago.  You get knocked down, but you get up again!

More snow is coming our way, yeah!

Sunday, February 17

two old biddies

These two poorly lit kiddos are friends.  Playmates.  Buddies.  Best buddies, most of the time. 
Don't they look like old ladies shooting the breeze?

Wednesday, February 6

Kid Rooms Continue

Guys, you haven't seen some cute updates to the kids rooms in a while.
In January, Lena made this model of the Solar System.  Also, her hibernating/dead (we're not yet sure) wooly bear caterpillar is living in the butterfly net house. 

The planets glow in the dark!

She is really loving the IKEA dishes she got for Christmas.  You can see the overhead projector on the shelf, too.

The boys' rooms have super great matching quilts which are this day loaded under other blankets.  But they LOVE their shelves for display.  PJ is itching for a lamp like Jack has.  I have it in the closet, but I think not yet.

I love their Pinterest inspired string art initials behind each bed. 
I did it on two panels of wood rather than on the wall.

I hung some photos of the boys and Paul along with the bow that Jack & Paul made at LWBC's father son weekend.  Also, PJ's alphabet poster from Christmas 2011.
Come & see for yourself!