House Recipes

Much like the main content of this blog, I'm using this page as a resource for me!  No more searching through my kitchen files for that recipe I really like!!  Help yourself to share in them as I've borrowed them from others before me!

Liquid Hand Soap
Stir together:
*1 cup distilled water
*3 T liquid castile soap (I like crazy Dr. Bronner's peppermint)
*1 T vegetable glycerin
*3 drops tea tree oil
*a favorite essential oil (if not using scented soap...lemon/orange is a good mix)
I was very suprised at the nice consistency of this recipe.  If it seems the soap is settling, just give it a good shake.

Disenfectant Wipes
Stir together:
*1 cup water
*1 squirt liquid castile soap
*3 drops tea tree oil
*shot of white vinegar
Tear up old t-shirts into wipe size and put mixture and wipes into a small tupperware.
I keep these wipes under the counter and feel comfortable letting the kids use them to wipe down the bathroom counters.  A better alternative to bleach.  After one use, toss them in your laundry basket and launder as normal.  When you get a pile of clean ones, put them back into the tupperware and only replace liquid as seems necessary.

Dishwashing Liquid Soap
*1 cup liquid Castile soap
*3 tablespoons water
*a few drops essential oil (if using unscented Castile soap)
Combine in a vessel of your choice, mix well, and use.

Dust to Dust
*2 t light olive oil
*20 drops pure essential lemon oil
*1/4 c vinegar
*16 oz distilled water
Mix and spray.  Wipe down immediately.  Also can use as dust mopping.  Shake well before each use.

Grass (not blood) Stain Remover
*1/2 vinegar      *1/2 water
Combine in a spray bottle and use on grass stains.

Clothing (stain) and Furniture (Spot) Remover
*1/4 c liquid detergent (Palmolive or Ivory liquid dish soap)
*1/4 c glycerin
*1 1/2 c water
 Squirt just a bit and rinse out.

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent
*1 part borax
*1 part washing soda
*distilled white vinegar
Combine the powders in a bowl and mix well, breaking apart any clumps.  Store in tupperware or jar.  
Use 1 tbsp of mixture per wash.
Fill the dishwasher's rinse cup with white vinegar.

Peppermint Scouring Powder
*1 cup baking soda
*5 drops peppermint essential oil
*1/4 cup dried peppermint leaves (optional)
For all your former "clorax" needs.  With a fork, mix essential oil into baking powder. Sprinkle onto surfaces and scrub. To use in toilet, sprinkle and then pour about 1/2 cup white vinegar on top. Scrub. For toilet stains, sprinkle plain borax in the toilet for about 10 minutes before adding the scouring powder.

All Purpose Cleaner #1
*1/2 opaque bottle water
*1/2 bottle hydrogen pyroxide
Use in conjunction with vin/water combo.
All Purpose Cleaner #2
*1/2 t washing soda
*1/2 t liquid Castile soap
*2 cups hot water
Mix ingredients in a spray bottle and shake.  Use on any surface.

All Purpose Spray
*2 T vinegar
*1 t borax
*16 oz bottle very hot distilled water
Shake until dissolved.
*1/4 c liquid soap
*10-15 drops essential oil
Spray and Wipe.  Strong enough to use on toilets and shower walls.  Keep borax away from kids.

Anti Soap Spray (Anti-bac substitute)
*spray distilled water bottle
*3 T liquid soap (eucalyptus scented)
*20-30 drops tea tree oil

Instead of Bleach

Fabric Softener
*1/2 cup baking soda per wash

Air Purifying Spritz
*1 t baking soda
*1 t vinegar
*2 c hot water
Combine in spray bottle.

Air Freshening Spray
*10 drops essential oil
* 7 T water
Combine in a spray bottle, shake well, spray.

Nontoxic Pet Cleanser
*1/4 t essential oil (citronella, cedarwood, eucalyptus, rosemary, bay leaf)
*1 t castile shampoo
*1 c water
Mix and pour over pet.  Massage into coat, avoiding eyes/mouth.  Let dry a bit and rinse out. 

Toilet Bowl Cleaner
*1/2 c liquid soap (peppermint or eucalyptus)  +  *2 c baking soda
*1/4 c water  +  *2 T vinegar added to liquid
*1/2 t tea tree oil (50 drops/1 dropperful)
Mix into squirt bottle. 

Tub & Tile Cleaner
*1 2/3 c baking soda
*1/2 c liquid soap
*1/2 c water to dilute (if it's too thick add more water)
*add 2 T vinegar last
Shake well and squirt away.  Use with any tough jobs.

Borax...use only when necessary.  Works well on hard water and mineral stains.