Wednesday, September 26

Beginner's Luck

Are we too cool for school?  Eh, let's go mini golfing.

No, really, though.  School has gotten off to such an amazing start this year!  I'd say we always enjoy the "back to school in the fall" phase, but this year we just hit our groove so easily.

Our pre-set curriculum has helped in that regard.  Also, because we started slowly back to work in August, we have been able to add one thing on more each week until we hit the full pull of academics.

I have had some tired kids at the end of the days, too.  After a rigorous school schedule and then just enjoying the mostly warm days, they are done by nightfall!

As always, I feel like now, no matter what curve balls we might encounter through the year, having a good start keeps us feeling positive and confident to make it through to the end!  But we're not even looking toward the end of this year, we're having too much fun in the now!


Thursday, September 20

Not Living Water

Do not drink the water!!!

This week I've spent some time tearing down the garden.  I've taken down the cuke and zuke vines, as well as the beans.  I dug up my first potatoes yesterday.  It's the first time I've ever grown them and it has been a really cool thing to dig up and find little treasures.  I feel Irish or something...relying heavily on the potato harvest this winter!

PJ was helping, well, sort of!

Sunday, September 16

red sauce

You know it's September when...
you're processing tomatoes in your sleep!

But, the season is nearly done!


Thursday, September 13

in the stream

One of the last hot ones of 2012.  Fun while it lasted, though maybe it DID last a bit too long!

Saturday, September 8

The Land of Plenty

Today was one of those amazing days where everything is done on the list with time to spare.

It started out early with Lena and I out to help a friend cut grapes.  Two hours, a few donuts, and no bee stings later we high tailed it home to meet the boys home from flag football.  Lunch, chores, house clean (except that elusive mopping) then off to "the project list" aka "the pl". 

Paul did a few fix it jobs, weed whipped and washed the outside of the windows.  Amazing!

My pl included: assembling chili for tomorrow's Pakcer game, making crockpot applesauce (AGAIN!!!), canning tomato sauce (AGAIN!!!) and working on a few chicken coop projects.  The apples came to us cheap, but delicious, and the tomatoes free, so it feels almost a sin to let one drop go to waste.  As for the coop, the chickens are still sleeping on the floor and not on the roost bar, so I put a 2 x 2 in rather than tree limbs.  Maybe they don't like the "natural" look I was going for.  And now that we have one layer... who is also LAYING eggs on the floor and not in the lovely boxes, I set about making those seem more safe ?!?  I DID stop short of hanging curtains, though.

As a family we trekked down the road to help some friends with a small barn they were putting up (Paul), pick garden produce (me, and Jack when he wasn't eating raspberries) and hold kittens (PJ & Lena). 

As I had so much applesauce in the house, and though I have a freezer FULL of beef, we swung by the IGA on the way home to grab some pork chops.  Something about pork chops and applesauce (imbedded in my brain from the Brady Bunch) I couldn't stop drooling!  So looked up a quick recipe and an hour later we had an amazing dinner.   Pork chops, farmer's market carrot, potatoes, onions, and homemade applesauce.  Apple cider to drink and apple crisp for dessert GAH!!!  I know, even I drive myself crazy with over exhausting one food group, but it was all so tasty!

We played a quick football game outside before a quick rain cloud drove us in.  Baths and books for all the wee ones and a quiet living room by 8pm!  Not bad! 

Paul and I were just talking about how this is such a great season of life.  Soon, we know, all too soon, the kids will be up after we are trashing the kitchen and being loud (ha ha, two cardinal sins for me...especially at night).  So for this season, I choose to thank God for his abundance of love and grace and provision for our family. 

Good luck and good night!!!