Saturday, October 27

Imagination Station

It tickles my funny bone no end to watch this kid play by himself. 
Is it tether ball or a maypole?

Friday, October 26



Someday life will be all WORDS and no KID PICTURES, but for now, you have to be grateful for what you get!

This photo was a few weeks ago.  It reflected a really great week for Lena & PJ adventuring outside.  They were playing so great together!  It takes an exact combination of PJ's willingness to follow and Lena's gentle leading.  This week...well, it was a rainy week, I think they had less room to spread out!

He is lucky to have her as a big sister, though, because she is a sister with BIG ideas!!!  And she can now graciously laugh when she tells a joke or story and he repeats or requests the same thing as her.  I say quietly so only she can hear "Here comes Monkey Do" (as in, monkey see monkey do)!

Two monkeys in these pictures, anyway!


Tuesday, October 16

books r us

So many books, so little time!
Jackson and I have been busting through our stash of chapter books for the year.  I read from one of them to him each night.  He reads a bit from several each day (then usually insists that I MUST read this is SO good!)  Because he is studying the Eastern Hemisphere this year, they are focused on Asian people groups thus far.
This is not to say that he's given up Garfield completely...just focusing more efforts on enjoyable and valuable reading rather than just reading for the sake of enjoyment!
Jackson was recently heard saying to a friend "The author of that one is on the New York Time's bestseller list." 
This from the same kid who recently declared "We're having a revolution...The Thompson kids are revolting!" (Clearly, he was not thinking of ALL the definitions for the word.)

Thursday, October 11


We're best when we're being silly and playing together. 

The best of the best is when we're laughing at the kids or at an inside joke in front of the kids. 

It turns the tables, and the small ones get very quiet as if there is too much silliness for dinner!

Saturday, October 6

touch o' the green

We've been back to one of our "new" favorite hiking trails.  It was one of those days you had to wear your sunglasses because the grass and hills were so green!  Good thing the boys were wearing red and not their favorite football gear!

*This was a month ago!  It's such a funny photo, though, it's worth a share!  I should have a matching picture of what those background trees look like now!  Time to take more pictures, I

Tuesday, October 2

lil' squirt

My favorite Little Squirt.  I can not convince him to QUIT growing!!

Tonight at bed, he was trying to convince me he can still have piggy back rides when he is 15...FIFTEEN!

Monday, October 1

red hot black

I'm thankful for the preservation of summer and for those who graciously shared their bounty.  We'll be enjoying some tasty smoothies and shakes during these colder days!!

For now, I continue to take in the last of the tomatoes and potatoes.  Say that three times fast. 

I made a really simple pasta sauce tonight.  Fried onion and garlic in olive oil.  Added boiled down fresh tomato juice, salt and garlic.  I would have eaten it as such, but the family needs sugar to to tone down the tart.

I'm pretty sure I'm one of those gardeners who actually pays $64 for each tomato brought in from the home garden.  By the time you add up all the labor and costs, you could more easily buy it at Walmart (or around here, the Amish auction).  But for me?  The time spent outside is priceless!  Take that Walmart!