Monday, June 25

in our nest

It's been a year and a few days since we've moved, now.  Nearly everything has changed and yet, so little.

We're still the same 5 people trying to love each other as hard as we can, while trying to like each other as much as possible!

I knew from the beginning, when Paul and I started seeking God for our next step together that this would be the case.  I kept thinking, as long as I have these four other people in my life, I don't care what we do or where we are!  And it is so true.  When you really boil all the other stuff down, you just want to be in this life with these people. 

It won't always be that way, I know.  Paul and I likely won't be the parents that follow our kids off to college and career (I'm 85% sure about this, by the way).  But as long as my little chicks are in their nests, I'm as content as can be.  I'll enjoy it for the short lived season that it is, and thank God for these blessings while I may.

Saturday, June 16

The boy is back in town.

We've got Jack back from his full week at camp.  He had an amazing week.  He chatted my ear off for a good hour about all the different games his counselors and cabin mates played.  He loved the Olympic games and thought he did pretty well at Nukum on the volleyball courts.  He told me of his interview with one of his counselors where he really talked with him in depth about being sure of your salvation and truly walking with the Lord.  Cool.

The worst part of his week was when his pants ripped at the horse farm! 

I'm sure he spent most of his canteen money on ice cream and ring pops (of which I found several wrappers in the laundry)!

I missed him a lot this week, especially starting around mid week.  After the newness of having only two kids wore off, we missed his presence.  

I think he's glad to be home. 

We're just chillin', now, and though I've already smacked his leg a dozen times as he sits next to me (for biting his nails, grrr) it feels so good to have all my chicks within reach again. 

Friday, June 15


Syttende Mai

The Norweigan Heritage Days are serious business around here in South Western Wisconsin (think Summerfest, but without the music). 

Everyone seems to turn a bit "Swedish" if you know what I mean!

Our family walked/rode in the parade on behalf of Living Waters.
It was really fun and very strange to be on the side of the candy throwing population!

Monday, June 11

proof is in the pictures

Life is happening here!  And when life happens, who has time for taking pictures!  Well, I usually take the pictures, but it is the processing to get them onto the computer where the rubber meets the road!

So, it is Monday and already, our tanks are full!  Lena is doing two classes at the local school while Jack is away at camp.  PJ and I built a trellis for the tomato garden and mowed the back yard.  We had lunch at camp, company for dinner.  Pizza on the grill was delicious!  We found Scout bothering the baby bunnies AGAIN! and had to rescue one and bury one. 

So with that full tank of activities and gratitude for it all, off to bed for me!

Monday, June 4

Friday, June 1

an afternoon with friends

A recent outing proved to be just as educational as it was fun!

:: observation of mama & baby calf ::

:: forest management hike ::

:: beekeeping ::

:: the birth of a frog pond ::

:: dam building ::

Lately on our adventuring outside, the kids have been completely unable to hike or trounce around without having sticks.  We've been listening to stories of the gang of Sherwood forest, as well.  The sticks often become swords to fight the evil PJ (well, Prince John in this case).

I'm starting to think, too, that most of my photos of our days are centering around PJ.  I prefer to attribute it to him being the only one I can keep up with!  A Mom has no favorites, after all!!!