Wednesday, August 29

Four and Counting

PJ turned 4!!!  I'm trying to keep a good boy down, though, by telling him he's still the baby.  I can't hold on much longer!!!

Quit growing, already, kid!!!

Sunday, August 26

Find the Gnome

Here we are on a recent hiking trip, trying again, to "find the gnome".  I think this year's gnome has a red shirt on and is an ornery 10 years old!


Monday, August 20

good kid

This isn't a great eyes and blurry, but this is a face my Dad makes most of the time. 

You can see him smiling.  I know what he is thinking "Good Kid". 

Later he'll say to me, "Jenny, that girl is just so funny"!!!

Saturday, August 18

hard to come by

This new friend of a year ago moved in the last month. It was bittersweet for me, because these two got on so well. Both girls, but more likely to be found hanging upside down in a tree than playing princess dolls.


But, she's a "FOC" or Friend of Camp, so her family intends that they'll be back every summer for as much as possible! And we plan to hold them to it, or help them get up here as best we can!

Good bye summer!  Goodbye for now, friend!

Tuesday, August 14

your love is amazing

Jack woke up this morning speaking of a "great dream".  His dream was that one afternoon he walked into our local library and they had EVERY single book that he was looking for on the shelf.

Funny kid.

So tonight before bed we did his weekly scour of the online book catalog and reserved far more books than really necessary.

Did you know there are still Garfield comic books in print?  We reserved the 36th book.

I love how your own kid's quirks secretly make you smile.

PS.  Jack wondered aloud if in this book Jon would marry Liz....what do you think?

Friday, August 10

this crafts

Today I am taking you down, craft closet!!  Prepare to be organized!!

Wednesday, August 8


One last day of swimming, for a while now?  It's quite cool outside this morning, but yesterday we took advantage of the heat and headed for the pool.  Are the dog days of summer are upon us?

Wednesday, August 1

where it's at

This park is where all of the action takes place for the 18 and younger set (or the young at heart).  The kids love it any day, but especially on a summer day when it is filled with friends.

I did try the big slide...ONE TIME, and that was enough for me!