Wednesday, November 28


Mainly I'm putting these photos up here so I can look at them myself.  

You probably know, but I REALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS.  Can't probably explain it all in a little blog post, but it is truly the reason for the season which creates extra goodwill in my heart especially during this time of year.

As our family sets to travel a bit in the next month, I thought that while it is so fun to be off and running, here and there, and even out and about, there is a reason to join back again soon.



Thursday, November 22

Saturday, November 10

in her own world

Lena is doing so much growing all ways.  She's making progress daily with her education and on a constant path to maturity in many emotional and personal areas.  I've been meaning to write pages and pages on the way she's doing so great.  But for now, I only have the time to say "Wow"!  What an awesome privilege to be her Mom and have a front row seat for a fun ride!!

Thursday, November 8

Playing the Games!


The kids and I spent an hour hanging out at camp before lunch recently.  While the kids played, I drug everything out of the game cabinet and went to reorganize.  It's my gift, really...organization.  It's a DNA thing...the need to dump out something and put it back. (tongue in cheek...)

When the kids tired of their games, they came over and helped me stack stuff back in and throw away garbage.

I'm sure it lasted, like, 24 hours before it was a jumble again.  It is a well loved and oft used place at camp to hang out.  Not just for camp kids, but guests as well!
 It's good, though, to pass on these obsessive compulsive, I mean, awesome abilities to the next generation!!!