Tuesday, October 18

Farming at the Market

Without a garden of our own this summer, we've made a point to hit the Saturday morning market the next town over.

It's a place of great food, good prices, and high ideals.  Out of the three, one of the previous list comes for free, though sometimes without the asking.

Amish farmers sell their useful wares.

Organic and non-organic produce round out the price list from high to lower.

My staple at the market, strangely, isn't grown on a local farm.  Kickapoo coffee's "Iced Maple Latte'"s are a treat that can't be beat!

Asian farmers have varying flower boquet BY THE WEEK!  And they are beautiful!

My favorite market picture of the summer...look at those carrots!!!


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Love the carrots - especially the hiding one and the one in the orange shoes! The flowers and veggies look so good. Janenne

  2. Loving all of the market pics ... and especially the FLOWERS! Gorgeous! :)


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