Saturday, August 18

hard to come by

This new friend of a year ago moved in the last month. It was bittersweet for me, because these two got on so well. Both girls, but more likely to be found hanging upside down in a tree than playing princess dolls.


But, she's a "FOC" or Friend of Camp, so her family intends that they'll be back every summer for as much as possible! And we plan to hold them to it, or help them get up here as best we can!

Good bye summer!  Goodbye for now, friend!


  1. JamieLynn11:06 PM

    The friends from 'down south' miss you all! Trying to unpack and gear up for another year of schooling - both huge mess-makers!

  2. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Lena looks so happy to have such a good friend. How fun to look forward to visits each year. I am glad they had such a carefree summer.


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