Wednesday, September 26

Beginner's Luck

Are we too cool for school?  Eh, let's go mini golfing.

No, really, though.  School has gotten off to such an amazing start this year!  I'd say we always enjoy the "back to school in the fall" phase, but this year we just hit our groove so easily.

Our pre-set curriculum has helped in that regard.  Also, because we started slowly back to work in August, we have been able to add one thing on more each week until we hit the full pull of academics.

I have had some tired kids at the end of the days, too.  After a rigorous school schedule and then just enjoying the mostly warm days, they are done by nightfall!

As always, I feel like now, no matter what curve balls we might encounter through the year, having a good start keeps us feeling positive and confident to make it through to the end!  But we're not even looking toward the end of this year, we're having too much fun in the now!


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  1. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Looks like a great learning adventure at the mini golf outing! It is so nice to here how all are doing in school and how lucky they are to have this experience. Study hard, Janenne


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