Thursday, November 8

Playing the Games!


The kids and I spent an hour hanging out at camp before lunch recently.  While the kids played, I drug everything out of the game cabinet and went to reorganize.  It's my gift, really...organization.  It's a DNA thing...the need to dump out something and put it back. (tongue in cheek...)

When the kids tired of their games, they came over and helped me stack stuff back in and throw away garbage.

I'm sure it lasted, like, 24 hours before it was a jumble again.  It is a well loved and oft used place at camp to hang out.  Not just for camp kids, but guests as well!
 It's good, though, to pass on these obsessive compulsive, I mean, awesome abilities to the next generation!!!


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  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    You come by it honestly because your mom is one of the best organizers I know. What a great trait to pass on!!!!!! Love you guys, Janenne


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