Thursday, November 17

Future Home

I've been working on this in my brain for a while.  Finally I got the colored pencils out and put it down on paper and made the list of what needs to be accomplished.  I hung this on the door and when I passed by later I found Jack had written "Future Home" on the paper.  Funny.  You don't think the colors are too "bad newsy" rivals from the south, do you? 

Anyway, Jack is mostly excited about painting a green score box (ala Pottery Barn Kids on pinterest) on the closet doors before the Pack wins another Superbowl this season.  Why on the closet you ask?  If I hadn't mentioned it before, this house is really in textured walls and ceilings.  I thought the scoreboard would work better to actually use it on the smooth closet surface. 

It's the plan to work on it over the long four day weekend upcoming. 

Do you hear that boys?  I've put a completion date on it!!


  1. Can't wait to see before and after pics! And I'm excited to see a pinterest project completed - I've been trying to motivate myself to quit looking and start working all the fun ideas I've found! :)

  2. Patty, yeah, the ratio of pinterest projects should really be in the favor of "doing" rather than "wishing to do"!!! With all the recipes I see you pin, I figure you must be supporting all the LAX grocery stores with your fancy purchases!!!


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