Saturday, November 26

turkey lurkey

The Thanksgiving Day turkey flew the coop here as 1) we had ham (a second choice over Subway) for Thursday dinner and 2) we're cutting down a Christmas tree from our own back yard and hanging the mistletoe today.

We've had an amazingly productive AND relaxing holiday break and are ready to take on the Christmas season in full joy, being fully blessed!

Merry, merry!


  1. Anonymous11:36 PM

    I love it - what would Thanksgiving be without a hand turkey. Love, Janenne

  2. Hey, Jen! Miss seeing your face in church. Hopefully after the season, we'll be able to come and visit. Love the turkey. You had to have at least one this year!

  3. Ah, Jen, you're a tough cookie with a soft interior. Yes, visits are great! You'd love the tour of LWBC. And as an FYI...we always have more than one turkey running around here, you know! (gobble gobble!!)


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