Monday, January 23

love of prayer

You may not know this about me, but I do love to pray.  How often am I found with a difficult circumstance staring me in the face and feeling completely helpless?  Large and small problems, for sure, but all of which need solutions.

I feel encouraged to say, that as I grow older, it no longer takes me days or even weeks to realize "I know what I can do about it, I can pray".  It's nearly my first thought any more to pray to our good God who knows our requests before we can form them into words.

The kids are used to patiently sitting through the prayers of their parents.  As Jack & Lena and I sit down on the couch each morning to read and pray as school starts, lately they've been used to Mom going a bit long in the prayer time.

Due to a recent heartache in our former church family, I warned the kids this morning, "We've got a lot to talk to God about today, guys." 

And they got it.  And we prayed.  And it was the most important thing we did all day.  And we're standing with you all.

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