Wednesday, January 11

Write a Nature Poem

We are having such a fun time with our nature study this year using the book "The Nature Connection".

On a recent warm January day, we wrote a nature poem as we hiked.


:: "Warm Winter, Cold Day," by Jack & Lena  ::

::  Dead corn, Panting dog  ::

::  Light breeze, Fallen trees  ::

::  Cold ice, Grey rocks  ::

::  High sun, Stream run  :: 

So, that was that!  The lesson for the kids here, is that poems need not rhyme all the time!!

I felt a bit funny putting the kids in winter wear on such a warm day.  But as you can see by the puddle fun, it was a good decision!  They played in the creek for quite a while, too, and were pretty wet when all was done.

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