Thursday, May 17

friendly flowers

Before we moved, a few friends dug up some flowers from their own yards and passed them along to me. I planted them in my one perennial bed and they ALL bloomed! It makes me happy each time I stop by to pull a weed or two and see these flowers smiling at me.

I also brought along, maybe, 6 bucket fulls of flowers from the old farm house. My favorite remains the peony. I brought a white, light pink and dark pink variety. They won't bloom this year (peonies doesn't like to travel) but the stems and leaves look healthy, so they'll begin again next spring, I'm certain.

For now, this is my perennial garden. I don't long to have more flower beds to care for, but I do want to create an area in the front of the house that has more curb appeal. I'm hoping my flowers will be happy there in a few years. But for now, they are all nicely contained in their flower nursery!

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  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    The colors in beautiful flowers always make a home more inviting. Flowers from friends and family make a home full of love. Janenne


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