Monday, June 25

in our nest

It's been a year and a few days since we've moved, now.  Nearly everything has changed and yet, so little.

We're still the same 5 people trying to love each other as hard as we can, while trying to like each other as much as possible!

I knew from the beginning, when Paul and I started seeking God for our next step together that this would be the case.  I kept thinking, as long as I have these four other people in my life, I don't care what we do or where we are!  And it is so true.  When you really boil all the other stuff down, you just want to be in this life with these people. 

It won't always be that way, I know.  Paul and I likely won't be the parents that follow our kids off to college and career (I'm 85% sure about this, by the way).  But as long as my little chicks are in their nests, I'm as content as can be.  I'll enjoy it for the short lived season that it is, and thank God for these blessings while I may.

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