Saturday, June 16

The boy is back in town.

We've got Jack back from his full week at camp.  He had an amazing week.  He chatted my ear off for a good hour about all the different games his counselors and cabin mates played.  He loved the Olympic games and thought he did pretty well at Nukum on the volleyball courts.  He told me of his interview with one of his counselors where he really talked with him in depth about being sure of your salvation and truly walking with the Lord.  Cool.

The worst part of his week was when his pants ripped at the horse farm! 

I'm sure he spent most of his canteen money on ice cream and ring pops (of which I found several wrappers in the laundry)!

I missed him a lot this week, especially starting around mid week.  After the newness of having only two kids wore off, we missed his presence.  

I think he's glad to be home. 

We're just chillin', now, and though I've already smacked his leg a dozen times as he sits next to me (for biting his nails, grrr) it feels so good to have all my chicks within reach again. 

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