Monday, July 30

First Timer

Several weeks before I set out to direct Little Squirts, I got nervous. I wasn’t in full blown sweats, but I was having these passing “what if” thoughts. What if no kids came, what if too many kids came, what if none of the kids listen to us!

I think compounding all of this, was part of the reason I volunteered to direct this camp from the very beginning. I knew it would be the fastest way to get to know this camp in a different role than that of “camp wife”. I was expecting a bit of a trial by fire, and I felt my anxiety level rise with that thought even though I was willingly jumping in!

I felt, even at the time, that the Lord was asking me to step up my prayer time regarding the two nights LWBC would run camp for the K-3 grade crowd. So I prayed more. I spent more time in prayer for the kids who were coming. I prayed for their families sending them. I prayed for the staff I’d be volunteering with and working alongside. I prayed the programs we would be running for the campers would glorify our Lord above all else.

The theme this year at LWBC was “In His Image” and I truly felt honored to have discussions with kids which illustrated how we are all made unique and special in the image of our great God. There are no accidents amongst mankind. No person is worthless. We are all loved and valuable to the creator.

As the kids arrived, registered, and parents left, I started to relax. We had 40 kids for this first ever camp for the younger set here at Living Waters. And they were all really amazing kids! I loved talking with them, and hanging out with the kids, and sharing all that we had planned for their “first time” as overnight campers.

The full time and summer staff I worked alongside were incredible. The energy that people who love camp have is really inspiring! We kept the kids moving during a stretch of very hot days from early in the morning until late enough at night. Then the cabins had some homesickness to deal with each night after lights out. The dorm leaders rose above all the circumstantial issues, though, and were able to have great friendship building and spiritually minded discussions with the campers.

By the end of the two nights, I came away with such a feeling of privilege. I was honored that these families would allow us to care for their kids for several days. I was truly humbled to be able to serve at Living Waters. This is a place our family has really grown to love and we feel deeply tied to the ministry that happens in our valley. I also felt privileged for the impact of those in ministry who had a hand in training me up over the years to be able to say “Yes” to the opportunity of volunteering to direct at camp. I feel so grateful to think back to the pastors, youth pastors, summer camp directors and family members who have mentored me in deepening my faith and using my relationship with Jesus Christ to love on other people.

I’m still riding a “high” from my involvement in summer camp this year. I don't know what role I'll play in future ministry at Living Waters, but I  am thankful that God was able to use and teach me as a first time camp director.

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  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    What lucky young ones to have you as their camp guide. You have a wonderful touch with both words and action. You will always be a fond memory for those children. Janenne


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