Sunday, July 1

true love

The kids came home the other day shouting "Mom, Mom, we've got a suprise for you."  I pulled off my apron and came running.  I knew where they had been....they'd been to the dump with their Dad.

Out here, we don't pay to have our garbage taken away...NO!  We get a hitch on our vehicle, then wait for a friend to bless us with a trailer.  Finally, we outfit that trailer to haul our garbage for FREE (well, after all the other hauling accessories are accumlated).

I zoomed down the stairs and followed the kids around the corner outside.

They'd found me a matching duck!!!  The one on the left is an old one I've had for a while.  It used to be my Mom's.  The guy on the right is the newest member of the family.  They both need a bit of superglue at the bottom, which strangely, helps him to fit in right away!

Anyway, this is one cute animal which the dog won't eat or shake (I think?).   It's funny you can see Scoutie stalking something in the distance!

Next time you're heading this way, stop by and say hello to Juliet & her Romeo!

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  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    What a lovely story and they ended up in such a loving home. Keep an eye on their adventures! Janenne


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