Friday, October 26



Someday life will be all WORDS and no KID PICTURES, but for now, you have to be grateful for what you get!

This photo was a few weeks ago.  It reflected a really great week for Lena & PJ adventuring outside.  They were playing so great together!  It takes an exact combination of PJ's willingness to follow and Lena's gentle leading.  This week...well, it was a rainy week, I think they had less room to spread out!

He is lucky to have her as a big sister, though, because she is a sister with BIG ideas!!!  And she can now graciously laugh when she tells a joke or story and he repeats or requests the same thing as her.  I say quietly so only she can hear "Here comes Monkey Do" (as in, monkey see monkey do)!

Two monkeys in these pictures, anyway!


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  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Two of the cutest little monkeys I have ever seen! They are so lucky to have each other and big brother Jack. What a bundle of love, fun, and joy they all are for the family. Love, Janenne


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