Tuesday, October 16

books r us

So many books, so little time!
Jackson and I have been busting through our stash of chapter books for the year.  I read from one of them to him each night.  He reads a bit from several each day (then usually insists that I MUST read this one...it is SO good!)  Because he is studying the Eastern Hemisphere this year, they are focused on Asian people groups thus far.
This is not to say that he's given up Garfield completely...just focusing more efforts on enjoyable and valuable reading rather than just reading for the sake of enjoyment!
Jackson was recently heard saying to a friend "The author of that one is on the New York Time's bestseller list." 
This from the same kid who recently declared "We're having a revolution...The Thompson kids are revolting!" (Clearly, he was not thinking of ALL the definitions for the word.)

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  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Love the commitment to all the reading and different genres. I also love the meaning of the revolting reference. You are too sharp for you own good Jenny. Love ya, Janenne


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