Wednesday, February 29

Just 6 Things

I write 6 things on a post it note every day. 


It's a fun game I play to measure how productive I am!  I know to some of you non-list makers it sounds like homemakers anarchy, but it has been working for me.  I read about the idea on a simple mom post.  I couldn't find the post to relink it for you, but the jist is "go easy on yourself".  I like that motto for today's modern domestic engineers.
There are so many things which all of us, in our occupations, do every day that are just part of the regular routine.  For me, that is: homeschool, house chores, meals, clean up, pick up, etc.  But, finding those six things that either MUST get done above and beyond the regular, or the things which would really BLESS those around you, or making sure to include time for the things which FULFILL you is an important part of a well rounded, productive day for me.

Here are a few past post-it notes from last week:
clean bathrooms, nature study with kids, work on co-op class, finish bday present for friend, bread, make dinner

haircuts, make groc list, laundry, paint stripes on boy's wall, look up guided reading on google, read through puppy book

I try to keep a balance and make them as specific as possible... (like wash laundry, put away laundry) that way if I get more done than what I've written, it's just icing on the cake.

Speaking of cake, I need to add "pick out a birthday cake to make myself" to a post-it in my near future!  Shameless, shameless plug for birthday wishes!

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