Wednesday, February 1

like Tiffany

Our recent art project was to replicate (loosely, I'd say) the art of stained glass, from the book "Great American Artists for Kids" which we've been working through.

Here you can see Jack drawing the glue lead-like lines.
The glue did spread more than we thought, so we made a second drawing with lines as thin as possible, and also simplified the design.

I always try to stress at the beginning of a project with kids, though, it won't look exactly like the picture.  Saying this, it seems to help kids know that their best effort at art work is wonderful.  Especially when the tools are sort of hard to work with, like watery glue!!

After letting the glue dry overnight, you can go back with glue/water/paint mix that colors in the outline areas.

It took up our school table for more than a day, but it was fun, and produced a nice end product.  I cut the edges of the plastic wrap stained glass, and framed it with cereal box cut outs.  Cool!

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