Thursday, February 16

Slow Morning :: Late Start

I've been surprised since we moved how a house can really dictate how you run your day.

The biggest example I can give to this is that in our former place, we always, always, always went UPSTAIRS to release the kids from bed in the morning.  Which means, they got dressed before coming down and had a jump on chores.  Otherwise, it always seemed like working backwards to shoo them all back upstairs to get dressed without direct supervision.

In our new place, the space is tighter and there is more amoeba like movement across zones.  Kids get up and make their way to read on the couches sometimes before I even climb out of bed.  PJ makes his way to my room for a snuggle before the clock strikes 7 am.  I love this and am hesitant to give it up as he's our "last baby". 

It could be the kids are getting older (NO!) or even that we don't really live in an area (like on camp, or in a neighborhood) where "drop by's" happen.  But there is a more relaxed feel to our morning these winter days.

It is nice in many ways, but then I have to continue to adjust the mindset as we move along.  For instance, I look at the clock and it's noon and we've just finished our core work!!!  Then I say, it's okay, you have all day for this, and my heart rate slows!

But for now, I sit here by the window with my coffee.  The kids and I are still in jammies (yeah, it's 9) and we're having some time with our annual American History review watching:

I can see sunshine and grass through the snow, so it's hard to tell myself winter IS NOT over yet!  We'll enjoy the relaxed feeling of this season while it lasts!

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  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Sounds like a great start to me - only when the sun shines through the window I know it is time to wash them:). Enjoy those slow snuggle times. Love, Janenne


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