Saturday, January 26

Round and Round Again...

This guy is with his Dad-i-o this weekend for Father/Son Retreat at camp.  You wouldn't believe how the dishes and garbage pile up when this kid isn't around!!!!  Ha ha, but that's not the only reason I miss him being gone! 

A few weekends ago he took a day and a half to put together this Ferris wheel.  Besides being quality control, I didn't help at all.  I know all my kids are bright, but Jack is extremely well read.  Though he doesn't always have proper pronunciation, his vocabulary is scary big. 

Watching him do this project, though, is a good example of even a bright kid needing training in patience, diligence and persistence.  Diligence, in particular is a character quality I pray often for Jack. 

But a good kid, a really good kid....


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  1. He is a great kid! I knew that it would be a challenge when I gave it to him but I always enjoy watching a bright child work through a challenge and succeed. He is amazing and so is the Ferris wheel. Way to go little man. Janenne


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