Friday, January 18

What do you want on your tombstone?

You can see this little table I pull out for PJ while we're doing school work.  He has his own "desk" and works right by us (but not on top of us!).  This day he was playing with a felt pizza making kit.  Lena and I spent a bit of time last summer making some fun baggies of felt fun like this.  PJ's desk is a new addition to our school room since Christmas and it is working really well.

Also working well...I packed away 5 different toy backpacks and bins.  We pull one out each day for PJ to play with while I read to the kids.  That way he is right by us and included, but not interrupting.  So far...working great!

We have been over fevers for 48 hours from Influenza A and I'm so grateful for restored health.  We had a family movie night tonight and it was snuggly and fun.  Now Jack is curled up with a new Rick Riordan book and I'm catching up on down time where I sit on the couch and try to stay awake until a decent hour to go to bed!

Thanks for all the prayers and support sent our way during illness!

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  1. The desk was a great idea for PJ to be a part of the learning scene. Tell Tombstone Man I want a hot 'n' ready veggie pizza delivered by the cutest pizza boy ever!! Glad everyone is feeling better. Love, Janenne


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