Monday, December 12

and on it goes!

I think I could start every blog post I write with "Man, life does keep marching on, doesn't it!"

So, while hoping to keep it real and regular during the hustle and bustle, here is what occupied a mid- November weekend at our place!

If you can't tell by the's a CLOSET REMODEL!!!  One of our most frequent home improvement projects to date.  I think that makes 5 closet updates for us so far!

True to previous experiences, this is our recommended method for updating a closet:

1. invite family members to visit for a weekend of well, kid sitting, to free up construction time (thanks guys!)

2.  scour pinterest for "pinspiration"

3. draw a design and hang it by intended closet (more for the purpose of not losing it!)

4. allow the builder (aka hubby) to pop in on the paper and make measurements and notes as needed

5.  try to complete the project without a trip to the hardware store using recycled material and tools already owned

It's not beautiful *yet* but it is *functional* and that is the goal for this season!  I keep reminding myself..."someday i'll have the mud room of my dreams, and there will be no wee ones here to mud it up"!

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  1. Anonymous2:13 AM

    I think it is beautiful and I can not believe what you have gotten done. How nice to have a handy hubby, a great organizer (you), and a family who LOVES spending time with you all! Janenne


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