Tuesday, December 27

the results show

There was some do-it-yourself around here this last season of preparation.

From the kids; hand written letters, decoupage treasure boxes and embellished notebooks.

From this Santa elf: bath salts, scrubbies, pinterest love.


With all that hand made going on in my hands and head, I took the "good enough" route in other areas.  What kid doesn't love the brown loveliness of an amazon.com box?  No wrapping required!!!

And inside the stockings, presents needn't be wrapped...they're covered in green and red crochet, for goodness sakes! 

I know you're thinking...what kid doesn't love a gift from Bed Bath & Beyond!!!  Well, okay, the bag doesn't necessarily match the present inside, but the packaging sure saved...the earth.  Oh yes, and saved me time and sanity...and the kids cared not!

 Now to unwrap the living room floor.  It's currently covered in all the new games, books, legos and laffy taffy.

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  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    It all worked and a great time was had by all. How fun to recycle, reuse, and make all smile in the process. You are awesome and I think you should be writing a daily newspaper column. Love, Janenne and Gram


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