Sunday, December 4

special little lady

Seeing Lena shyly wear a fancy Christmas dress for her date with Pops gives me the notion that we should do things like this with her more often. 

teaching her to be a lady,
enjoying attention for being a girl,
sitting properly in a dress,
not poking your finger through a hole in your tights,
leaving something in your hair,

I know she is not a girly-girl in many ways (like me!).  And therefore, I don't want to force her into the Pretty Princess role when she's more Jane of the Jungle.  But, the times are coming where training in beauty and grace might be needed. 

I'm thinking a stint at charm school like some other little moppet I used to know might be fun and useful. 

She's growing up and while it is fun to be a part of that process, each stage presents new challenges!


  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    She looks so adorable and Pops looks very handsome for their date to the Nut Cracker (terminator). I am sure she enjoyed it all and her personality is her charm (as well as her darling smile).

  2. This just can't be little Lena! My but she's growing up fast and such a pretty girl!

  3. Linda, I know! We do still refer to her as "Little Lena"! Hope your crew is all well and good!


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