Saturday, December 31

on the way

Dear 2011,


Something funny happened on the way to here. 

We grew closer, and better, and challenged ourselves.  We have cried here and loved here and made it home.

What a year! 

When I think back to the same time last year when we were just wondering, wondering, where we would be in a year.

And then we had a plan, and we prayed our ways through it.  We were sure it would turn out like we thought.  We had the Lord preparing the way and spurring us on. 

All the time, we see now, that we were preparing ourselves for this time. 

So here we are.  And we are happy.  All five, plus Scout, together.  And all thanks be to His great glory!

Love, Jenny

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  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    I am always thrilled to read about your journey and especially your contentment and happiness. What a great loving family God has put together and in such a beautiful setting. Love, Janenne


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