Monday, April 16

the grass is always greener

Could you hear our victory yelp when we discovered that Jack, at a whopping 80 lbs., was now heavy enough to hold the seat down on the riding mower? That means THAT BOY CAN MOW!

Like most new things and kids, he was thrilled to do it. Spoiler alert: we'll revisit that enthusiasm in August, eh!!!

Too busy to stop and pose for Mama's pictures (or I forgot to teach him how to break?)!

The down side is, I love to mow! I should be teaching these kids to do the jobs I DON'T like to do. You know, the ones...they don't involve sitting for long periods with my own thoughts and not being disturbed!!!

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  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Impressive to say the least!!!! Keep on mowing Jack and watch out for Lena, PJ, and Scout.
    Love, Janenne


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