Sunday, April 8

ol' blue eyes

People are always saying "Here comes the boy with the big, blue eyes". 

It doesn't strike me, though, as I look at our kids all day with those clear eyes.  When I look at the dog with her big brownie eyes, then it strikes me as something different.  But with PJ's dark hair framing his face, maybe his peepers are more noticeable.

He still remains the baby of the family, for sure, even though he is growing like a weed these days.  I don't know if PJ is really that funny, or if it's just that the other four of us love laughing together at (with?) him.

The other day after he finished in the bathroom, I said "Pull your pants up".  To which he replied, "You pulled them down, you pull them up".  It was so funny to tell that story to Paul as well as to Jack & Lena and laugh about it over again.

The other thing he is very well known for amongst us is having to be HEARD.  He gets so angry if he's trying to tell us something and another talks over him.  He says "No, GUYS".

It's good to write these things down.

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  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Jenny that picture looks like a professional took it with those beautiful blue eyes. He does say the funniest things and I am glad you are writing them down - you again made my day. Janenne


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