Wednesday, April 25

just chasing rainbows

I have spent several hours over the course of the last week cleaning out this girl's room.  She is a collector, to put it kindly.  This is the kind of girl who finds treasure in everything, not just art like above!  And who am I to person's trash is another person's treasure (NOT!)

I've been doing a lot of sorting lately.  Since the recent rains and basement issues (check out this video), many perishable items have been relegated to the main floor of the house.  It's forced me to, yet again, find a place for everything in an orderly fashion.  I actually really enjoy organizing, but is the timing ever right for big projects like this?

And to be fair, it hasn't just Lena's room that has had another overhaul.  The boy's room, the school book shelves and even my closet haven't escaped purging.  This leaves me with such an overwhelming dislike of stuff in general.  I don't like stuff at all!!!!!!!!  I find it stressful and when there is clutter, my mind just can not rest.  It is probably very type A, but a well organized bathroom cabinet leaves me with such a peaceful feeling, even if just taking out hairpins.  Sadly, I could go on extolling the virtues of organized cupboards.

One positive of all the basement purging (I'm sure there is more, at least the local thrift store would agree as we've dropped off many bags of donations) is that we've finally hung pictures up on the walls in the remaining rooms of the house.  They likely aren't in their "final resting places" but I have to admit, it does feel more homey.  And I'm glad the frames and pictures aren't just resting on the basement floor waiting for a nail.

In fact, the piece of art above will soon be hanging on her wall.  It's one piece of her 7th birthday present.  Framing her own art for her very purpley room.  I think she'll really enjoy it.  And one more funny note....she picked out a chocolate bundt cake for her birthday cake when we have family here next week.  But, she keeps calling it a button cake...funny girl.

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  1. Anonymous12:27 AM

    She is a very funny girl and a very talented girl. That project looks amazing and the colors are so nicely organized!!! I can't wait for the button cake and more birthday stuff. Love, Janenne


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