Wednesday, April 18

oh yes, she did

objects in camera may move faster than they appear

Lena has quiet time in her room each afternoon for an hour.  The quiet comes, mainly, from separating the kids into different corners.  It is needed for them, and for me.  PJ & Lena take the chance to play with the toys in their room, and Jack and I usually each take a couch, our island, and read or catch up on e-mail, etc.

Sometimes Lena takes a stowaway into her room.  I remember doing this to dear old Jasper, too.  I only allowed the torture to continue until pictures were over...then we disrobed the prima ballerina.

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  1. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Scout girl I am coming to save you - even though you do look adorable as a ballerina!! The fun never ends. Love, Janenne


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